Welcome to From Homemaker to Working Mom.

In 2011 I went back to work after being home for 17 years raising my children.  While I was ready to return to the work force the transition turned out to be more challenging in every area of my life than I had ever imagined.  And when I went in search of help and encouragement I didn’t find much for my specific needs.  I knew once I got my feet back under me I wanted to encourage other women going through this same transition.

After a year of working I am starting to gain some clarity.  I am still learning, still transitioning and some days I still want to run away from it all but, it gets better each day.  I am learning about myself, my family and am having new and exciting opportunities as I begin to pursue a career.

As I prayed before starting work God gave me the word “release”.  And through that first year of working I followed it everwhere.  I released myself from volunteer responsibilites, from the need to keep a clean house.  I released control of my life, my children, my world.  Everything was released to God.  If you are just starting your transition back to work I would encourage you to start in the same place.  Release your life to God.  He can handle all those responsibilites you had as a full time homemaker/stay-at-home mom.  He loved your kids and husband more than you do and is more passionate about the ministries you are involved in than you are.  Give it all to Him.

Then button up that blazer, slip on those high heels and lets go back to work together.

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