A godly woman

I was recently reading a book called “the Grace Filled Parent”.  And then I heard a story about a woman who wanted to be a gentle mother and was reading blogs about being a gentle mother. In her story she still found herself struggling with to be gentle with her children despite all the reading on how to be a gentle parent.

It got me thinking about my drive to be a grace-filled mother. Why am I trying to be a grace filled parent? Why not just grace filled? Do I not want to live grace filled in other areas of my life? Why is she trying to be a gentle parent? Why not just gentle? Does she not want to be a gentle wife or friend too? And why I am trying to figure out how to be a working mom, working homemaker, working Christian, working wife, working…? Instead of focusing on my roles and defining myself in each area why not just learn to be a godly woman? Wouldn’t everything else fall into place behind it?