Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE to plan and make goals. So of course I love a new year, fresh start, what will I accomplish in the next 12 months?!

I used to make goals that were all personal and family oriented but a new category has been added over the years for my business/working goals. So in December I was busy looking at my business plan thinking about what I wanted to do this year and how to do it. A big piece of my financial goals involved another person I started working with last year. I had reviewed my goals with him and we were both excited to take on 2015. I rang in the new year ready to go after those goals.

The next day I meet with the guy who tells me of a major change he is making in his business and long story short I decided I didn’t want to make that change and on day 3 of the new year a third of my business goals are irrelevant.

Change. Most of the time it happens incrementally, we barely notice it. I didn’t see my son grow from a baby into a man overnight but slowly over the last 20 years, one day at a time. However, some change is large and quite clear and you need to be prepared to adjust.

One of the things I have noticed over the years when changes come on, especially big changes that are not in your control, often they start out big, bad and scary but turn out to be good.

There is only one thing that never changes, God. But he is constantly at work. He works around us, through us, with us, for us, in us. God does not change but in my life he is change. Knowing him, following him, it means change. Good and bad, fun and painful. But no matter what happens next I keep following him.  I wrote a couple weeks ago about keeping on moving forward every day. And that is what I do in life and in my faith.

I am not the only one in my family I have seen make some big life/plan changes this month, but I see God working in all of them. And it is exciting! It is also scary. Changes come, we keep moving.

So, I made a few adjustments to my goals and decided on my own I still could accomplish a lot this year. It creates a little bit of an unknown for my business but so far I have loved the changes I have made and am more excited at the end of January for what this year holds than I was at the beginning.