Getting to know God

My pastor recently shared a story from Tim Kellor about a conversation he had with an atheist. He was commenting on how few Christians read the bible. He said if he did believe there was a God and he really believed the bible was God’s word directly to him then he would be reading it every chance he got!

So true. We have this amazing opportunity to know God right in front of us and we miss it. We don’t view the bible as an opportunity to know God. GOD! Hello, little nothing us, direct access to a relationship with God.

If Warren  Buffett started emailing personally with you about investing you would read those emails! If the CEO of your company started emailing you thoughts on your career path you would read those emails! If the queen of England started emailing you because she heard you were nice and wanted to be your friend you would read those emails! My niece got on twitter and has been trying to get a celebrity to respond to one of her tweets. Direct communication with a famous person! How great would that be?

We have that with God. Direct communication, advice, encouragement and a desire to simply know us and be our friend. And we get it all out of the bible. That thing we don’t read. Or we look at as a bunch of old stories and rules. And we miss Him. We miss the passion God has for us when we miss the significance of what the bible is. The amazing gift it is.

If you really want to experience a brush with greatness you don’t need luck, twitter or a court side ticket to a Laker’s game. You just need to open the bible.