Working mom devotional: Daniel part 2

This isn’t going to turn into a chapter by chapter series on Daniel, I promise.  Although I can’t say there won’t be another one.

So in Daniel 2 the king has a dream and decides that his wise men should be able to tell him the dream and then interpret it and if they can’t do this he will know they are all frauds and kill them all.  Of course they can’t do this and so although only the top couple wise men were being consulted on this topic the king orders they all be killed.

Now if I was Daniel and officials randomly came to kill me for reasons that were vague at best I would panic!  But not Daniel.  He remained calm, asked to talk to the king and told him that he would be able to tell him his dream and interpretation in a couple of days. Impossible! Then he calmly went home and asked his friends to pray for him and sought God to reveal this information to him. And believed.

Jesus tells us that with only a mustard seed of faith we can move mountains. In this situation with Daniel I wonder if he really didn’t have much more than that. Had Daniel seen miracles at this point in his life? He had interpreted dreams before but never without knowing what they were in the first place. Never with a sword hanging over his neck. God does some pretty amazing and unbelievable things in Daniel but so far his friends had not survived the fiery furnace and Daniel had not faced the Lions.  He was just a Jewish boy who had been pulled into the service of the king. But the king asked the impossible and Daniel believed God would reveal the answer to him.

I have faith, I often think I have more than a mustard seed of faith.  Yet I have never moved a mountain. The truth is that while I do believe God has the power to do amazing things, if I am honest, I often am not sure I believe he will do them for me. While a mustard seed of faith is pretty small, it is also pretty big because sometimes even gathering up a tiny bit of faith takes a huge effort.

Recently at work I had a deal on the verge of destruction.  I was devastated as I had worked hard on it and couldn’t understand where it went wrong. I was talking with a good friend who said she was going to pray for a miracle.  I said to go ahead because that was the only thing that would save the deal. And then she prayed and I listened but I did not pray with her because I did not have even a mustard seed of faith that God would provide the miracle. Luckily for me it didn’t have to be my tiny faith that could bring a miracle because the next day I got one. You might think I am over stating here using the word miracle to talk about keeping a business deal together but if you knew the details you would agree. Miracle.

So I wonder how often I have missed experiencing something amazing because I couldn’t even muster a mustard seed of faith. Do I truly believe God will rescue me when I need help? I fully believe he CAN, but if I really look back on various experiences throughout my life I don’t always believe that he WILL. In other people’s lives I truly have that faith for them, but in my own life…

Daniel believed. In the face of execution he boldly went to the king to ask why he was being killed and then boldly told the king he would be able to reveal something to the king that only God could reveal to Daniel.

In the face of my own bumps in the road with work, family, friendships, marriage, home issues, do I face them with the belief that God can and will work things out? Perform a miracle? Remembering Daniel’s faith I will believe and keep going.

What trials are you up against today?  Do you believe as Daniel?