It Happened

So it happened last night.  I became one of those working moms.  The one who shows up for a casual family picnic wearing her work clothes.

It was the firefighter family picnic and I worked until 6pm, it started at 5:30.  Although I drove by home and could have stopped to change I didn’t even think of it, I drove straight to the event, ate a burger at a picnic table, walked 6 flights of stairs up the training tower to watch fire demonstrations and stood with the other parents watching our kids douse each other with the fire hose while trying to keep from getting caught by the by the wild stream of water they were squirting.  And I did it all in heels, dress pants and a fancy top.

I really don’t know how I feel about this.  On the one hand I would have told you I was never judgmental of working moms when I was at home but on the other hand, I realize this was something that always bugged me.  Maybe because it made me feel under dressed or maybe it made me aware of some secret insecurity as a homemaker.  I don’t know. I do know they never seemed uncomfortable or like they wished they had changed.  And I realized last night that I am wearing work clothes so much that it just never occurred to me I needed to change.  They have become my regular clothes.  My days of the jeans and t-shirt uniform are fading into the past.

Another first as a working mom and it is an experience I think I can learn to live with.  Although I think I will always feel most comfortable in my jeans and t-shirt.

On the other hand, the firefighters were wearing their work clothes too…