Time Management

I am on the never ending quest for tools to better manage my time.  A million years ago I took a one day seminar based on the Franklin Planner which was the hottest thing out there at the time.  Loved it, integrated a few things into my life.  Then I read the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People a couple years later.  I wasn’t surprised when these two organizations merged together and I have several years of Franklin Covey planner pages in my closet.  Eventually one day I had enough.  WHY, did these planner pages end at 6pm?  My life did not end at 6pm.  Half my life happened after 6pm.  I get 2 boxes for 6pm-bedtime and 30 minute increments for the workday.  How does this make sense?  And on the note page was simple a bunch of lines.  I wanted a place to track my goals and plan my weekly menus as well as my daily to-do list.  So, one day I sat down at my computer and created my own planner pages.  They were crude, I am no computer expert, but, they included all the areas I wanted to organize and time increments that went until 10pm not 6pm.  They worked well but, I only used it 1 year then went back to my Franklin pages mainly because I wanted prettier pages and didn’t want to spend the hours I had spent the year before creating them again.  Eventually we moved to a shared online family calendar and now I just work out of a notebook for my daily to-do and planning needs.  It has been a simple system that worked well for me when i was at home but is a little less intuitive now that I work.

Enter “The Mom Writes”.  A friend told me about her.  She is working on a book about working from home and created planner pages that she felt better tracked her home and work life.  I love a woman who thinks like me!  Only these actually look professional.  Not sure exactly how I will use these on a day to day basis.  Will I print them out?  Will I use them in excel?  How will I determine my most important task of each day or week?  Will I color code?  Go check them out for yourself.  She is letting you download them for free.  Then tell me how you are using them to organize your home and work life into a comfortable flow.