My Husband’s Transition


Over the past 2 years since I returned to work I have done a lot of transitioning, my life is very different than it was 2 years ago.  And while there are days I still want to fight this life I now lead, for the most part I have settled into the routine of being a working mom and homemaker.  I admit I spent most of the past couple years thinking about myself but as I begin to break free from that and think of others I realize something I did not fully appreciate before.

While I was busy with my own transition my husband was having one of his own. Not just in returning to school but also with taking more responsibility in our home and with our children.  My first year back to work, on top of returning to school and working, he also was responsible for getting our daughter on and off the bus every day and making dinner almost every night.  Tucked within those tasks are: homework monitoring, permission slip management, lunch making, hair fixing, outfit coordinating (OK he didn’t do that last one, Isabelle has her own sense of style).  WOW!  And he did a great job without ever complaining.

Sometimes in our overwhelmed states we forget we aren’t the only person going through this transition from homemaker to working mom.  How can we support our husbands in their transition?

Be Appreciative:

Remember how much you appreciated being acknowledged and thanked for your hard work?  Your husband feels the same way.

Be Supportive:

This one can be a little hard.  I have to admit as much as I loved seeing my husband help out around the house, especially those first few months when I was totally wiped out after work, I was also feeling territorial.  He would take initiative in doing the laundry and I would think, “that’s my job!”   Maybe your husband doesn’t do things your way.  Complaining and criticism are not what is needed during the transition period, support and encouragement are.

Be a Listener:

You may find conversations at your house to be a little different.  Listen to your husband as he shares the satisfaction he discovered in a freshly vacuumed rug.  As you later tell him what happened at the weekly staff meeting you just might discover a new appreciation for each others lives.

How are you helping your husband through the transition?