Staying Healthy for Me

For years my weight has fluxuated 5 pounds. Up 5 or down 5. I am mostly stuck in the middle. At least I was for most of the past 10 years. Then I went back to work. Right before I went back to work I was doing particularly well, feeling healthy and was down the 5 pounds. Then I started to work. It was hard to figure out dinner every night so we ate out a lot during the first few months. And then there were meetings with goodies. Even if I wasn’t in the meeting there were always leftovers sitting out tempting me. Or a sales rep would come by and leave me a bag of candy. And don’t even get me started on the Christmas gift season! Needless to say I did not keep that 5 pounds off for long and started adding to it at a rate that I found a bit alarming.

I will admit that while I did learn to walk by the snack table and control my candy munching before the weight gain got out of control, it wasn’t a big priority in that first year. Still, I have been healthy and active for many years and so I did a few things to keep from totally falling apart.

I made my lunches. I love salads. Love them. But that is another post on another blog. Whether you love salads or sandwiches or leftovers for lunch, anything you bring will be a better choice than going out to eat or skipping lunch only to binge at dinner.

I kept active at work. During slow times in my day I might stand up and do squats. I was trying to rehab an IT band injury and brought a foam roller to work to roll out my knee during my breaks. Take the stairs, go for a walk around the building during lunch, or try a few of the desk exercises foundhere. Or if you are really motivated and have a little room here is a place to learn a Cross Fit style work out at the office. Even if you aren’t interested, that one is just entertaining.

You may be the disciplined type that will make a schedule and stick to it each day. For me, I might take a yoga class once a month. Run 3 mornings one week and do nothing the next 2 weeks. I know I am not necessarily changing my life but I know I need to keep doing it. It is something I do for me. Something that makes me feel good, feel strong and capable. Clears my head and prepares me for whatever my day or evening holds.

When I first started working I would feel guilty about taking time away from my family to go take a weight lifting class after work. And really guilty for putting my daughter in the childcare yet again so I could do something for myself. But the truth was she loved the childcare at the YMCA I attended and I had more energy to give her and felt mentally stronger when I got in a few work outs each week. So slowly I learned to give myself permission and a little grace to spend an hour a few times a week doing something just for me.

Why not get up right now and do something? A quick walk around the block or around the building to get your heart pumping and shake a few of the days stressors off.