No Comparrison

Several years ago I was lamenting to a friend about how my girlfriends who worked full time seemed to be so much more disciplined than I was. I felt like I was just flopping from thing to thing while they were so purposeful in their lives. She reminded me that I was not a working mom and should not be comparing myself to them. I may not have been as disciplined but I had things they did not have as a stay at home mom.

Now that I am working I need to remind myself not to compare myself to my stay at home mom self. I am not able to do what I did when I was at home. I used to keep my house clean, I used to be available more for my kids, I used to think about healthy meals to make, I was on top of our shopping needs, I knew where everything was and I was a walking encyclopedia of our life. Then I started working and I don’t know anything, I am not available very often and I don’t even care that we are out of shampoo and nobody has made dinner. I am a different person. And that is hard because I liked who I was at home. But, as I slowly begin to embark on this new adventure I am finding myself admiring some things about this working mom side of me too. Mostly I am still getting to know this new working mom within me but there are a few things I like so far: I am learning to be more disciplined and I like that. I am meeting new people and being social and solving problems and learning new things every day and I like that. My family is working more as a team and I really like that.

What do you like about your new working mom self?