Worship While you Work

Some mornings I wake up and can’t believe I have to go to work. Again. I jump up late, get ready, rush off to work and immediately launch in to the stress of dealing with difficult people, projects and deadlines. Problems and frustrations come all day long. Finally, it is over and I go home.

I hate those mornings. I hate those days. They don’t feel good in my body, my mind or my spirit.

“Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God–this is your spiritual act of worship.” Romans 12:1

Right now I am transitioning from one job to another. While on paper it is the perfect job situation, and I think once I find my groove it will be, the transition and learning curve has been significantly bigger than I had prepared for. I don’t like having to deal with the problems I am encountering, I don’t like having to work so hard to prove myself and I have found the training I recieved from the last person to be more than a little lacking. I was finding myself struggling with the right attitude and perspective.

Paul calls us in Romans to offer our bodies as living sacrifices. He calls it an act of worship. Do you think that includes my body while I am working?

I have been learning bit about worship lately, opening my eyes really. If you are way ahead of me you can just skim here but for those of you back where I am I submit these thoughts. Worship is not all about feeling good, singing happy songs and praising the Lord. That can be worship for sure and is a great tinme of worship. But I am learning that worship can also be done while struggling and complaining. It isn’t really about pretending you are OK with the fact that God has brought you to a place you don’t like. It is about acknowledging the fact that while you don’t like where God has brought you, He is God and he can bring you there.

I was recently listening to some program on the radio with some Christian who wrote some books. I think they guy is a Christian musician who is now writing books? I like to give credit for my thoughts when possible. Not sure it is possible this time. Although this is my paraphrase, hopefully I am telling it right. Anyway…He pointed out that in the Psalms David is often lamenting. He goes on sometimes for many verses about his problems, and then throws in one verse of praise to God. And David is seen as a man after God’s own heart and the Psalms are seen as great poems of praise and worship. So therefore we can conclude that complaining about our circumstances can be an act of worship. Well, within reason. It isn’t about the complaining, it is about the attitude. An attitude that tells God we know he is there, he has our best interests in mind and while we don’t like it, we will follow Him.

There are so many examples of this that I literally just opened my bible to Psalms to find this in Ps 64:

“Hear me, O God, as I voice my complaint; protect my life from the threat of the enemy. Hide me from the conspiracy of the wicked, from that noisy crowd of evildoers.” He goes on to explain all the evil things they do and are planning for him. Then finally he says, “But God will shoot them with arrows; suddenly they will be struck down…Let the righteous rejoice in the Lord and take refuge in him; let all the upright in heart praise him!”

So I have decided to make my work and act of worship to God. Doing so doesn’t mean I have to put on my Happy Working Mom face every morning it simply means that I am acknowledging God’s presence and plan for me in my work. When things go well I praise God, when things go wrong I trust God.

Are you giving yourself and your days to God as your spiritual act of worship?