Working Community

My children are nearly 11 years apart. On purpose. As we began the process ofadoption after years of infertility, I talked to a friend who had walked our path a few years eariler adopting 2 little girls when her 2 boys were in jr high. I felt like the only person crazy enough to start over after so many years. She assured me that once I had a second child I would find people coming out of the woodwork with similar stories. And sure enough I meet people almost every day who have large age gaps in their family or have a much older or much younger sibling. Today an 11 year gap seems like a perfectly normal thing to me.

The same has been true as I have returned to work. When I was at home everyone I knew or had contact with was also a stay-at-home mom. At least that is what I thought. But once I went back to work I realized how many working moms I knew through my church, neighborhood or my daughters school. Some at a desk full time like me, some part time, some from home, many of whom spent a season at home as well. We all have different stories and schedules but we all have the same needs to juggle various commitments while still being the best mother, wife, homemaker they can be. I am definately not alone. And that gives me the courage to keep going.