Having it All

Can I have it all? I have read a few articles recently of women questioning whether we can have it all. Can I really work full time, pursue a career and be a great wife and mother? As a woman who has spent almost all her adult years raising her children and is now working full time, it is definately a question on my mind. I certainly believed in what I was doing at home all those years. I think it had lots of value, I do not regret any financial sacrifices we had to make so I could be home during those years. But now I am working and my daughter is only in 2nd grade. So I am very much a working mom about to raise my daughter amidst meetings and work schedules partnering with grandparents, aunts, babysitters, schools and day camps. She will not get the time with me she wants or sometimes even needs.

I am going to be honest. Don’t be shocked. You can’t have it all. Nobody can have it all. We all make choices and whether you work or stay home you make sacrifices. It is all about embracing our choices. And I realize we don’t always have a choice about whether we work or not. I wouldn’t necessarily choose to work at this juncture in my life, at least not in the capacity I am working right now. But I can choose how it will play out, and what my attitude will be.

So what I am asking myself is, “what do I want and what can I have right now?” How far can I take a career without ignoring my family too much? How involved can I be in my child’s life without it affecting my work performance? What is important to me right now and what can wait for another season of my life? Once I answer these questions I can start planning and making goals.

And I LOVE to plan and make goals!


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