Routinely connecting with your kids

After being with my children all day for years going back to work was a shock to all of us. How do you continue to connect with your children in meaningful ways when you have so many things taking up time?

During that first year one of the ways I continued to connect with my 7 year old daughter was through a couple simple routines. Every morning I would go in her room a few minutes before I left and snuggle in bed with her. Some mornings it was literally 2 minutes, some mornings I might get 5 or more minutes but I always went in, relaxed my body (a sometimes forced act) and let her know she was important to me. The comfort of the routine seemed to make the mornings go better after I left and made it easier for me to get out of the house. We also established “girls night”. My husband and son were both gone on Wednesday nights and so I set a couple hours every wednesday night for her. We might swim at the YMCA, play a game or watch a movie. She loved it. This year my schedule is different and while I am not sure I will be snuggling with her in the morning I will be home when she gets off the bus and plan to drop everything for those precious after school minutes to just look at her and listen to her stories of the day.

We also have routines for the whole family. Friday night is Pizza night. We always attend church together on Sunday mornings. And we all go to support each other in performances and athletic endeavors.

Take some time to think about where you can connect with your kids. Knowing you are still available to them every day in some small way will give you both peace as you make this transition.