Hi Ho Hi Ho Back To Work We Go

Finding a job after and extended time at home can be a challenge.  When I went back to work there was a gapping 17 year hole in my resume.  Yes I had done a little childcare at a local health club for a year but I wasn’t even sure I wanted to put that on the resume.  Truthfully in that 17 years I had done a lot.  I had headed ministries, fundraisers, planned events, been the treasurer of a few groups, sat on the church board.  But I knew, and experienced upon going back to work, that for women and men who haven’t been home and don’t know how much work and professional experience you are really getting, none of that counts.

In this section we will be talking about how to find work and begin rebuilding your career after being at home.

I also discovered that the rules for socializing at a mom’s group are not exactly the same as socializing during break time at work.  As one friend told me when I went back to work, “remember, these people are not your friends.”  She told me I could be friendly but not to think of them as friends.  It turned out to be very good advice but also very challenging after spending so many years hanging out with women, sharing my life and making friends. Not everyone at work wants to hear your life story and unfortunately not everyone can be trusted.

So in this section we will also be talking about the social rules and etiquite involved in being a working mom.

While I went back to work willingly I really did not want to be there. Initially I was just going to do a job for a few years, not build a career.  But the reality is I am back to work and am going to be for many years to come.  I quickly realized that if I was going to be out of the house working I might as well be doing something where I felt valued and challenged.  I wanted to feel like I was going somewhere and making a difference.  This is the section that will help you accomplish your work goals and make leaving the house worth the effort.