Welcome to From Home to Work.  A new web site for women transitioning back to work after taking a few years off to be a homemaker, raise a family, and put career on the back burner.  Whether you return to work willingly, excited for a new challenge or, because the financial need has become too great for you to continue staying home full time, the transition is challenging.  After spending years developing systems for raising your family, getting dinner on the table each night, cleaning your bathroom on a regular basis and volunteering at your church, a return to work throws the whole system out of balance and you find yourself starting all over both professionally in your work as well as personally in your home and family.

This web site was created as a resource to help you through this transition.  We want to be an encouragement  to you as you wander through the first few months and a resource as you begin to find your balance and re-structure your life.  You will find stories of women who made the transition and lived to tell about it.  Like my story of returning to work after 17 years at home.  I learned to release the extras in my life and discover who and what the really important aspects of my life are.  You will also find articles about finding the balance in your home life while being gone 9-10 hours a day, keeping your marriage strong, finding a little “me” time, and so much more.

We also know that after so many years out of the work force your skills may be a little rusty.  And the workplace social dynamic is very different than your moms club.  So we will be sharing tips from professionals on how to navigate this new world, find the right position for you and become a valuable employee.

We also hope that this will be a place for you to turn to the Lord and be reminded of his goodness during this crazy season of your life, a place where you can receive prayer and discern God’s plan for this new season of your life, and a place to grow in your faith as you learn to trust Him.

As you go through this big transition in your life we want you to know you are not alone.  Come back often for new articles and encouragement and sign up for our monthly newsletter.

Thanks for visiting our web site.  Hope to see you again soon.